Homelab Phase 1 - Complete

As discussed in a previous post, I started breaking improving my home network for the sake of knowledge and experience acquisition. But before I could get very far, I needed a plan. I wanted to at least theoretically be increasing my network security, and I hoped to enable playing with technologies used at work such as Kubernetes. Finally, this was an opportunity to see the ExtraHop network monitoring tools, which I have helped create, as a customer. [Read More]

Root Certificates Container

This website, like most of the services I host in my homelab runs in a Docker container which is hosted in a small Kubernetes cluster. I’ll go into more detail about the Kubernetes cluster in a later post. In this post I want to demonstrate a very simple container I have created which bundles the root certificates distributed with most operating systems, making them available to the application running within.

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To Homelab?

My home network worked really well. It was stable, fast, and simple. I had a standard consumer-grade wireless router, a modem better than the one provided by the cable company, and a switch to hook up the ethernet to various rooms. The server holding my media and running a couple small websites sat in the front room and routed all of the port 443 and 80 traffic coming into the house. [Read More]