Goodbye Seattle

I knew this day was coming. I will say that I thought it was much further in my journey. A part of the story I would reach in a few years. The next couple of years though were for building my leadership skills with the Tool Library.

I knew I wanted to move out of the city. Not to get a bigger house. And definitely not to be isolated or secluded. Quite the opposite in fact, similar to how one might leave a big company to better feel their impact at a smaller one, I wanted to leave the big city to have a bigger impact in my community.

We knew we wanted a house we could call ours, rather than a house that was mine. We wanted a place that suited us both, that we picked together, and turned into a home together.

And so we have moved. Out of the city. There are many things I will miss, and many things I left unfinished. But there are greater things to join, create, and learn ahead.

You can find me on Orcas Island. Together we are creating Evelyn Farmstead. Stop by to say hi and for a place to stay if you’re in the neighborhood.