Grit, in addition to being the sand in your food, is the term given to the character trait of sticking with something. Persistence in a passion. A runner with grit, for example, sets a goal to complete a marathon, trains for weeks in advance, and conquers the challenge, despite there being significantly easier methods of traversing those 26 miles.

Grittiness is best covered in the book “Grit” by Angela Duckworth, where she explains how test scores alone do not predict success in schools. Grit, as described by Duckworth is something with which I struggle often.

With so few hours in a day, how am I to decide if I should continue my quest to be a better woodworker, start a bathroom remodel, or finally break into learning circuit design? There is so much to be learned! So many exciting things to do.

No one became great at anything by doing everything.

I don’t know if that’s actually a quote. But it should be. It sounds silly, to complain about the plethora of opportunities before me. There are many (most?) with much bigger problems.

I would love to wrap this up saying not to worry, there is always another day to learn something new. But some day that won’t be true. It’s an unsolved problem, one that still needs learning.