# Tony Grosinger

Hello, I'm Tony.

I am a software developer at Expedia and a graduate from the University of Washington Information School. At Expedia I am a member of the data warehouse where I solve data ingestion problems using open source tools such as Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, and Apache Hadoop (lots of Apache). Additionally I have been focusing on improving developer productivity within the data warehouse through improved build systems, continuous integration, and offline access for developers.

I am not a designer.

Current Projects

Home Remodel

For the past way too long my home has been involved in a small remodel. Adding some walls, countless hours of mud and tape, and hopefully soon carpet and paint! A couple evenings each week I spend time in my former attic transforming it into a media room. Follow my progress on my Google+.

Functional Programming

My introduction mentioned working with several Apache projects such as the Storm complex event processor. My time with this application has stoked my interest in functional languages such as Clojure and Haskell. Currently I am teaching myself this new programming paradigm that was unfortunately missing from my college education. I hope to start contributing back to Storm soon or perhaps even start my own project using Clojure.

Past Projects

Why Search Twice

A list based browser history is really of no use to anyone. When was the last time you used yours and actually found what you were looking for? Myself and four other students at the UW spent our senior year working on a capstone project working to solve this exact problem.

Graph Databases

The capstone project previously mentioned has introduced me to the amazing world of graph databases. Over the last few months I have taken every chance I can to work with or learn more about graph databases and their many uses. Graphs are far from new, but their potential in the software field is only finally being realized.


To learn Angular.js and Chrome Packaged Apps I created a small browser extension which acts as a code snippet storage and url shortener in one. Though this project was never completely finished, most features were functional and I learned a lot during its creation

Wish List

There are so many projects that I would like to work on when I have time, where do I even begin? One in particular comes to mind though...


Who doesn't want to make their own beer? The endless flavor combinations only you would dare to make? Inflicting your creations upon your friends or relatives? I have all the equiptment, now all I need is a little know-how and the time to get started. Maybe once the weather warms up a bit so the basement is within fermenting temperaturse.